Slappin da biass, mon!

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So obsessed with this thing. Would gladly trade the condo for it, even up. #adventuremobile #fuso
Stoked. Thanks, @geekhousebikes. Pass an ear scratch on to Shpilkes for me. 😸
Happy America Day, you beautiful bastards!
Proceed to launch. #lax
Late afternoon grind. #mtb
CX + MTB meeting. 🚵🚵 Good times.  (at La 96 NIKE MISSLE SITE)
Sometimes when I am working, I look over and catch this guy just staring at me. I am sure it’s nothing. #plotting
Rode bikes around Yosemite valley today. Kinda awesome. (at Yosemite Falls)

#basslakevibes (at Angel Falls)